Ulla Johnson

Manhattan-born designer Ulla Johnson was raised by archeologists, so her eponymous label embodies an organic, down-to-earth spirit. With custom prints, intricate embroideries and loose yet tailored silhouettes, Ulla Johnson clothing is perfect for relaxed, all-season wear. The hallmark of every Ulla Johnson collection is its foundation of natural fibers with thoughtful finishing, which Johnson describes as a “tapestry of cultures.” Her latest designs incorporate luxurious knits and denim. 

Casual tops are finished with decadent details, while her neutral dresses are romantic and whimsical. Elizabeth Charles selects Ulla Johnson dresses, tops, skirts and more from the label’s latest collections to meet the needs of every fashion-forward wearer, from peasant dresses with bright color pairings to flowing everyday dress tops in monochrome neutrals.

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