Ali Grace

Filled with organic textures and rich tones, this collection of jewelry by Ali Grace makes for an eye-catching addition to any outfit. This designer keeps each piece simple in shape and scope. However, the textured surfaces and elegant jewel accents help to create stand-out pieces that are versatile enough to be worn with casual or formal attire. Jewelry in this collection is made with geodes, natural stones 14-karat gold, sterling silver, brass, diamond accents and other high-quality materials.

Based in Newport Beach, California, Ali Grace has long been a designer of handmade jewelry. The organic forms in these pieces help to soften more structured outfits and add a feminine touch to any ensemble. These shapes also lend a human touch to each piece since it's clear that each item has been carefully crafted by hand rather than being mass-produced by machinery. Warm undertones in each piece also help to enhance the organic nature of each piece in this collection.

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