Atea Oceanie

The Atea Oceanie collection is all about simplicity. With clean lines, simple details and elegant styles, these are timeless pieces that can be worn for years to come. Because the collection features solid, neutral tones, these beautifully simple pieces are also incredibly versatile. When paired with similarly inspired fashions, they make for a number of possible ensemble options, whether it's workwear or special event attire. Each piece is designed with easy layering in mind, and the fluid lines allow for the wearer to reimagine each item in a variety of different ways.

Since being launched in 2013, this designer line has developed into one of the most exceptionally modern and minimalist transitional lines. Because the styles are made to outlast trends, they can be incorporated into a number of ensembles and make for excellent staple pieces in any wardrobe. This is the perfect collection for the woman with confidence, poise and style.

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