Boutique Moschino

Boutique Moschino is Moschino’s fun-loving — and trouble-causing — little sibling with vibrant color palettes, coquettish fits and classic patterns rewoven to suit the high-energy woman. All Boutique Moschino collections are fun and tongue-in-cheek as ever, with confetti-speckled prints over ultra-tailored workday dresses and clever graphic sweater dresses that don’t take themselves too seriously. Like Italian designer and founder Franco Moschino’s original line, Boutique Moschino clothing is urban, adventurous and experimental.

Boutique Moschino accessories honor the same playful, no-rules disposition, with cool and colorful phone cases and colorful accessories that add another dimension to your going-out look. Elizabeth Charles is pleased to stock Boutique Moschino dresses, including their vibrant printed dresses and versatile solid dresses, for the shopper who wants to mix things up. This selection also includes hand-picked Boutique Moschino jackets, tops, coats, sweaters and accessories.

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