Carbon & Hyde

Los Angeles-based fine jewelry brand, Carbon & Hyde, is a subtle yet sexy alchemy of style inspired by the many sides of today's modern woman. With bold architectural shapes and a casual approach to form, all Carbon & Hyde pieces are handcrafted in California from diamonds and 14k gold. Significant enough to wear alone yet delicate enough to layer, the looks translate easily from day to night for refined or casual looks. High fashion trends are a great source of inspiration as the designers work to transform them into timeless statement pieces.<br>
Sisters Yarden and Oren Katz are the creative forces behind the brand. The third generation jewelers and best friends merge their contrasting personalities and youthful spirits for the line. The moniker is a hybrid of sorts too, blending the core atomic foundation of diamonds (Carbon) and the imaginary world of leather (Hyde). The duo grew up in a family of jewelry manufacturers and impressively began designing fine jewelry from a very young age. Our grandfather started this business over 50 years ago as a diamond dealer, and our father turned it into a manufacturing house in Los Angeles, CA. Our vision was to evolve the business from a manufacturing house into a brand that people can love and connect with.

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