Chinti & Parker

For a youthful and optimistic touch to any ensemble, consider a piece from the Chinti & Parker collection at Elizabeth Charles. This line was founded in 2009 by cousins Anna Singh and Rachael Wood. Since then, it's become a leading British luxury ready-to-wear label known for simple, wearable clothing that combines superlative craftsmanship with timeless style. The addition of unique and youthful details has become the signature Chinti & Parker look. Each style has an effortless appearance while still appearance quite refined and elegant. In addition, the designers have taken careful steps to ensure that their pieces are crafted by reputable sources with eco-friendly practices.

Create fresh, bold looks with any of the pieces from Chinti & Parker available on our site. Established in 2002, Elizabeth Charles is an incredible resource for designer women's clothing and accessories. Rather than settling for brands easily available in stores, find something eye-catching and unique by shopping online at Elizabeth Charles.

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