Cushnie et Ochs

Blending bold sensuality with a raw, feminine attitude, Cushnie et Ochs promises understated women’s apparel designed to flatter and allure. The line was founded by Parsons graduates Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs, who bring polarizing perspectives to a line that’s unified by structure, spirit and a feminine nature. With Cushnie’s international, Paris-influenced approach, and Ochs’ all-American sensibility, the designing duo makes clothing unique to the contemporary woman.

From their reimagined Indian saris made with traditional Western dressmaking techniques to their custom-made silk-crepe gown worn by First Lady Michelle Obama, Cushnie et Ochs dresses are almost always the showpieces of their quarterly collections. Subdued color palettes and unconventional cuts make each Cushnie et Ochs dress unique. Elizabeth Charles carries a great selection of stunning Cushnie et Ochs clothing made with decadent materials like soft silk.

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