Korean-born designer Demy Lee launched her eponymous knit line with the goal of creating a collection of cozy clothing that would become all-season staples. Demylee is famous for its approach to cut and sewn knit and woven apparel for women, including the original Demylee cashmere sweaters made from ultra-fine 100 percent cashmere. The signature Demylee Blair sweater — with its relaxed fit and slimming drop shoulder — propelled Demylee to international heights in the fashion world.

With her Parsons foundation and experience working for Calvin Klein and Gap, Demy Lee brings an everyday sensibility to everything she designs. Still, Demylee sweaters are all knit from the fibers of Inner Mongolian goats which produce the finest cashmere in the world, ensuring a level of unparalleled softness and luxury with every piece.

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