H Brand

Weaving industry-first textile techniques and unconventional color choices, H Brand has redefined what it means to wear fur. Founded by Australian sisters, Kate Strahorn and Edwina Horseman in 2011, each piece of H Brand fur aims to reintroduce the material as a modern staple through handmade fur garments that are warm and stylish. H Brand jackets and coats are made with quality animal fur and are constructed by dexterous artisans for a natural, smart and stylish approach to fur apparel. Some pieces in this line are made with eco-fur, meaning no animal was harmed to produce them.

Elizabeth Charles is a proud purveyor of H Brand fur clothing, including the latest pieces that feature comfortable hand-knitted silhouettes. Whether you dream of a directional handmade rabbit fur cape or want to step out in one of H Brand’s exemplary genuine fur vests, Elizabeth Charles can help you find the appropriate piece for your vision. Garments from this line of fur pieces are designed in Australia and are typically constructed from 100 percent dyed rabbit or raccoon fur.

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