While minimalist jewelry is great for certain occasions, the idea of statement jewelry is making a strong comeback. This collection by Lionette is the perfect example of why every woman's wardrobe needs at least a few of these remarkably ornate pieces. The absolutely regal and breathtaking jewelry in the latest Lionette collection will make every outfit a memorable one. From luxurious drop earrings to intricately detailed necklaces and bracelet cuffs, these pieces instantly become the star of any ensemble. Pair them with simple and chic pieces to let their true beauty shine.

For those who aren't afraid of a little attention, Elizabeth Charles offers pieces from Lionette and other innovative designers. When it comes to women's fashion, you'll find styles fresh off the runway when you shop on our site. Launched in 2002, Elizabeth Charles has become the ultimate resource for the latest collections by unique designers like Lionette. Return regularly to check out the quarterly releases from our designers.

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