Nearly Nude

Those who love fashion know that is doesn't always make for easy undergarment choices. This latest collection from Nearly Nude allows for stunning yet supportive silhouettes in the latest fashion pieces without the discomfort of a lesser undergarment solution. Nearly Nude offers supportive pieces that can be worn under just about any type of attire, including casual wear, work attire and even red carpet gowns. Undergarments from this fashion-forward lingerie designer make it easy to wear any ensemble you find at Elizabeth Charles with total and utter confidence. Meanwhile, they can actually accentuate body shape in a flattering way to make each fashion statement even more eye-catching.

Elizabeth Charles, which launched in 2002, offers incredible fashion clothing, accessories and more from top designers like Nearly Nude. Find effortless and timeless pieces to pair with Nearly Nude undergarment by browsing the other designer collections at Elizabeth Charles.

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