Defined by its distinctly British “tongue-in-cheek chic” spirit and a unique mix of hard and soft elements, Preen is the line for the daring dresser who won’t compromise luxury. It was founded by husband and wife design duo Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi, who are together obsessed with carving out a fashion-forward line inspired by the Victorian era, wearable utility and finding a balance between the feminine and the masculine. Elizabeth Charles also carries the youthful Preen Line by this pair.

Each piece of Preen clothing exhibits a uniquely clean yet futuristic elegance, with cool, slouchy shapes and understated lines. The London-based brand colors its collections with vibrant prints and patterns as well as hard-and-fast monochrome staples. Elizabeth Charles keeps an ever-evolving selection of Preen pieces on hand, including the ultra-effortless Preen dresses that are well-known for their flirtatious yet tailored silhouettes, to help you find the right Preen style for your next dressy affair.

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