Solace London

Modern elegance takes on a new, fresh look with these gorgeous gowns from Solace London. This collection features the brand's latest releases for absolutely stunning looks for special events. The contemporary styles in this collection are defined by geometric accents and figure-flattering silhouettes. Keeping a stark, neutral tone through each piece allows the wearer to embellish with statement piece jewelry or keep things ultra-minimalist with a monotone theme. For formal events where ensemble choices will be on display, Solace London offers some truly unique options for fashion-forward women.

Though this collection by Solace London has a red carpet feel, Elizabeth Charles offers a wide range of apparel to fill out any wardrobe. From casual wear to work attire, there are plenty of other unique styles available from innovative designers on our site. Since launching in 2002, Elizabeth Charles has offered an inspired alternative to the traditional designers found in stores.

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