The clutch is a fabulous fashion accessory, but it's rarely a bold choice on its own. That's not the case with these transparent clutches from the Truffle collection at Elizabeth Charles. Co-foundered in San Francisco by Maria Harrington and Sarah Cusumano with the goal of helping to clean up the cluttered chaos on the inside of a women's bag.  Each one has such a simple, clean design that includes a clear pocket bound in leather trim and an elegant gold plated zipper. But adding accessories and other necessities into the clutch is what gives it such a bold and modern style. It allows these extra items to become part of the overall ensemble and is ideal for the small items that seem to get easily lost in your handbag. Whether it holds makeup, a phone, a notepad or other accessories, a Truffle transparent clutch is sure to turn heads while also being highly functional, versatile, and stylish. To be able to see what is inside your bag is half the battle!

Those willing to make waves with their wardrobe appreciate Truffle and other innovative designers featured at Elizabeth Charles. Their bold and creative designs make it easy to add elegant and chic touches to any outfit. Browse other collections to find similarly unique styles from other boutique designers at Elizabeth Charles.

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